Why Participate ?

This SIAL INNOVATION competition is highly expected by exhibitors at the Show, as obtaining a trophy represents a real boost in the life of the winning companies by offering them high visibility and numerous contact opportunities.
By presenting its products at the SIAL Innovation competition, the exhibitor, if selected, ensures maximum visibility before, during and after the show.

Since 1996, SIAL Innovation is well attended by journalists who are eager to learn about the new products presented at SIAL Innovation.
Selected exhibitors will be able to use the "SIAL Innovation" logo, which ensures them a form of recognition in the sector. Their products will be highlighted in the online list of exhibitors.
Moreover, if they win, their products will travel throughout the SIAL network: Jakarta, Canada, China, USA and India. They will be displayed in a showcase with the exhibitor's contact details.

Criteria to participate

  • Must provide edible food product for the food processing industry.
  • All participants should declare and guarantee that they own the intellectual property rights relating to the product presented or, have been duly authorized by the owner of the intellectual property rights relating to the presented product for the competition.
  • Participants shall guarantee that their products comply with the legislation of the original country or the country in which they are located.

The selection committee made of expert professionals in innovation and food industry will deliberate and keep you informed of their decision by email.